If There Is a Heaven.

1: If there is a heaven, then the sun will set at seven,

Then at nine and then eleven. If there is a heaven.

2: The sky will be the deepest blue found only on a summer night,

And all the stars will be in view, the moon providing gentle light.

3: At dawn the jagged costal hills will rise up from their misty veil,

Above the ocean at their feet whose tender warmth will never fail.

4: And there will be no weeping here, aside from willows standing tall,

With branches twisting thickly, so a child could climb and never fall.

5: Great cedars on a gentle slope precisely in a fairy ring 

And oak trees spreading here and there with one to hide an English king.

6: Here every pet you’ve ever owned will once again be fit and well,

The cats will bask in sunny spots, the dogs will look for things to smell.

7: Chirping in the spreading trees are all the birds that went extinct,

With flocks of dodos running past for reasons never quite distinct.

8: Underneath the rolling waves glide jellyfish that never sting.

While in between their trailing strands swim dolphins rising up to sing.

9: Clouds of fish of every hue will dart and swim through shafts of light.

Great coral spires of every shape frame turtles plunged in salty flight.

10: Your mom and dad, and all your clan, are playing games along the shore,

Like red-light-green-light, duck-duck goose, and blind-man’s-buff, and tug of war.

11: Everyone you ever hurt, through things you did (or didn’t) do

Will all be there, now standing tall, and each of them has pardoned you.

12: And if there is a heaven then without a doubt you’ll be right there,

Surrounded by your cats and dogs, and wreathed in flowing midnight hair.

13: But as for me, I’m fairly sure I’ll end up in the lost domain,

But maybe there’s a narrow bridge where I can see you once again.

14: Then with your gentle fingertips you’ll brush my bleak despair away,

So even though I’m doomed I’ll have respite from measureless dismay.

And once a month divine decree will let me right across the bridge,