Words of Wisdom from Ron Koertge.

hey, ed  —
I don’t know how wise these words are, but those stories came from a book of mine that’s all Flash Fiction all the time.  SEX WORLD, from Red Hen Press if anybody is interested.
I wrote all the pieces in SW in 3 months, usually one a day.  It was really fun; I’d write in the mornings, go to the races or the movies or whatever in the afternoon and inevitably I’d see or hear something that gave me an idea for the next day’s short piece.   then after 90 or so of them, that was that.  No more.  Whatever apprentice muse handles micro-fiction was spent and lying down somewhere.  I showed all of them to Kate at Red Hen, we went through and picked out the “best” and put the book in line at the press.
I once did the same thing with a book of ghazals called INDIGO.    All ghazals.    (There’ s areal career move!)   Nobody who is/was a fan of my poetry knew what to make of them.  But there they were, every day.  Then no more.
I’ve been more methodical lately and my fans are happier.
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